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FS Technical Problems

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FIRST POST FS 2004 crashes after 2-3 mins
14 Feb 2006 06:41 GMT - name: David Pindar
Please can anybody help. I have just upgraded fromm FS2002 to 2004 after PC Re-build. Having loaded FS 2004 its runs for a number of minutes usally untill i try to take off. The game then crashs and reboots the computer. I am running a P4 2.4Ghz with 512 of Ram on a Asrock P4vm800 motherboard and the vidieo card is an nvidia GFti440 64 mb. I have loaded the lastes drivers for both the USB Ports, Video card and motherboard.
FIRST POST fsuipc problem
29 Jan 2006 07:45 GMT - name: rik
fs 2004 wont start. i have a problem with fsuipc, it says it shoulb be version 9.00
A REPLY Re: fs2004 select aircraft view   READ PREVIOUS...
09 Jan 2006 06:44 GMT - name: Joe
I recently ran into the same problem. Did you find a solution? I considered reinstalling FS2004 yet that didn't help you.
07 Nov 2005 11:02 GMT - name: Arno
Check the user manual, then find and download the FSUIPC version required for the add-on software. If an older version is required, maybe the add-on developer's website has some kind of patch for it.
07 Nov 2005 10:05 GMT - name: kim
hello i whant to ask the same thing like stephan what ahould i do?
07 Sep 2005 11:30 GMT - name: Stephan
after i have installed the PMDG 737-700/600 add-on for Fs9 , I want to start Flight Simulator.
Seconds later, it tell me, that I have the wrong editon of FSUIPC.
FS9 didn't start.
What should I do?
Best wishes
08 Aug 2005 03:20 GMT - name: zakaria
i saw de internet site where i can download fsuipc but i nedd 9.00.30612. please give me a site whre i can download this version .
thnx smile, happy
FIRST POST 2d panel error
07 Aug 2005 12:38 GMT - name: zakaria
i have a little problem with my fsuipc,i think.
i have fsuipc
i can start the hole game but when i create a flight and press fly now the 2d panel of every aircraft won't appear.
please somebody help
FIRST POST fs2004 select aircraft view
06 Aug 2005 14:34 GMT - name: bob
have been using 2004 since release, and when changing aircraft could always see a picture of the aircraft in the select aircraft view. Now I cannot. Have uninstalled 2004, cleaned all traces in regisry, and all saved preferences. Reinstalled, but still have problem.
any help?
A REPLY Re: FS2004 error message   READ PREVIOUS...
04 Jun 2005 10:54 GMT - name: Michael
I have found that when installing FS2004 at the screen where you can browse to choose where the files go you should clear the screen and type in the follwing:
C:/programmes/microsoft games/simulator9
This will then enable the game to start. Let me know how you get on.

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