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FS Technical Problems

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FIRST POST trackir
16 Nov 2006 20:00 GMT - name: james
my trackir software loads fine but upon starting flight sim it seems nonexistent it's still working but not interacting??? anyone?
A REPLY Re: save flight   READ PREVIOUS...
23 Oct 2006 01:01 GMT - name: Arno (admin)
Press shortcut key ";" maybe?
FIRST POST save flight
22 Oct 2006 23:18 GMT - name: tiburon
hi guys .. I can't access now to the save flight page. How can I resolve this problem ?? thank you.
13 Aug 2006 18:05 GMT - name: aungmoemin
ican't accessthe flight stimulator,it is showing FSUIPC has problem.the build should be 9.00.30612.butit is building in9.01.40901.how can i fix the problem
22 May 2006 09:41 GMT - name: Arno
Try using lower display settings. You computer may be out of memory? Try finding out the exact moment/reason it crashes, and avoid repeating the same thing, if possible. smile, happy
FIRST POST Installing Problem
09 May 2006 05:28 GMT - name: fox
Hi guys
I havent play my FS2004 yet because when i install the game the system tells me tht the msgame.cab file may corrupted. And so i install a few times n it ends the same way ......so any ideas wat should i do?
08 May 2006 08:28 GMT - name: Hashry Adijan
It happend several times now. During a MP session online my FS9 suddenly crashed and also if I used the GPS the FS9 also crased. Actualy the FS9 reboot itself each time the GSP is on.
Is there any way I can check what causes it and how should I do it?
A REPLY Re: fsuipc problem   READ PREVIOUS...
03 Mar 2006 04:01 GMT - name: Arno (admin)
The current version is 3.53, official site: www.schiratti.com/dowson.html
Previous versions: search with Google maybe...
A REPLY Re: fsuipc problem   READ PREVIOUS...
03 Mar 2006 02:54 GMT - name: Justin
were can I download it from
A REPLY Re: fsuipc problem   READ PREVIOUS...
20 Feb 2006 12:29 GMT - name: Flemming Nielsen
fs 2004 wont start because i need fsuipc version 9.00.30612


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