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Online Flying Downloads - Download Required Files

Everything you need to fly online!


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For Pilots - Flying Online

Name / Link Information
Client Software
Squawkbox Pilot client software used by different networks
IvAp IVAO's pilot client software, developed in-house
X-Ivap IVAO's pilot client software, for X-Plane
FPI Pilot Client Flight Project International Pilot Client
Voice Communication
TeamSpeak Nice software, used for many other online applications too
Roger Wilco Simple voice communication program (not free)
RWTS Tool for pilots using the older Squawkbox and both TS and RW, for switching voice channels automatically
FS Modules
FSUIPC Famous module which enables communication between Flight Simulator and much other software.
HOSTSB Required to run the older Squawkbox in FS2002 or FS2004
FS9SB2MP Creates a multiplayer session in FS2004 to use the older Squawkbox


For ATC Controllers Online

Name / Link Information
Client Software
IvAc IVAO's ATC client software, developed in-house
ASRC Advanced Simulated Radar Client, used by VATSIM
FPI ATC Client Flight Project International ATC Client
Pro Controller Another (previously) popular ATC client.
Voice Communication
TeamSpeak Nice software, used for many other online applications too

Miscellaneous Files

Name / Link Information
Online Traffic Display
IvAe The Eye of IVAO, alternative to ServInfo or WhazzUp. Smooth and fast mapview, ICAO flightplans, statistics and more.
ServInfo Very useful program which gives an overview of all pilots and controllers on the IVAO and VATSIM network plus much more information such as actual weather reports and a handy FS gauge
Whazzup Provides an overview of online traffic and ATC on different online flying networks on a world map.
FS Charts Online charts of airports and areas worldwide



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