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A REPLY Re: DOWNLOADS   READ PREVIOUS...   [Flight Simulator X - FSX]
04 Jun 2007 18:13 GMT - name: Me
Use descriptive subject lines please, and no CAPS!
And to answer: There is a folder called SimObjects/Airplanes. All airplane folders are in there. You sometimes have separate gauges, which go into the Gauges folder. Most of the time there is just an installer which puts everything in the right place.
FIRST POST fsx   [Flight Simulator X - FSX]
03 Jun 2007 21:32 GMT - name: albert
how do you change fsx settings to fs9 so it can run smoothly?
FIRST POST Flight Planner Back Online   [Website Comments]
24 May 2007 14:04 GMT - name: WEBMASTER
The flight planner is back online! yes big grin
A REPLY Re: Flight Planner page   READ PREVIOUS...   [Website Comments]
22 May 2007 13:20 GMT - name: WEBMASTER
Thank you for your feedback. We are aware of the issue. The flight planner is a service by another website, so we have to wait until it comes back online. wink
FIRST POST Flight Planner page   [Website Comments]
21 May 2007 12:13 GMT - name: kninerap
I am aftaid your flight planning page has stopped working as of 20.05.2007, - from the following link - www.flightsimaviation.com/_flight_planner.html
FIRST POST FSX settings   [Flight Simulator X - FSX]
16 May 2007 19:48 GMT - name: Stephen
O me grahpics card is a Nvidia 7100
FIRST POST FSX settings   [Flight Simulator X - FSX]
16 May 2007 19:45 GMT - name: Stephen
Hey everyone i need some help determening a great preformance and great game at the same time. Here are my computer specs...
512mb ram
80 gig harddrive
With those can you tell me? If you need more info just ask. smile, happy
FIRST POST checkride help please   [FS General Discussion]
11 May 2007 23:21 GMT - name: firefly
This is on FSX Deluxs verson
FIRST POST checkride help please   [FS General Discussion]
11 May 2007 23:15 GMT - name: firefly
I'm having trouble entering my 140degree hold on Instument Rating can anybody help me or draw a line map too show me were I'm meesing up at. My E-Mail is Cwildbird101[at]aol.com THANK'S
FIRST POST changing the active runway   [Flight Simulator X - FSX]
11 May 2007 09:34 GMT - name: Cedric
I cannot find where I can change the active runway in FSX. When preparing a free flight somewhere I choose to be on RWY 23 for example but when I take off and come back for the ILS, it is always on the 05. I've tried to change the wind but it did not change anything ...
Anybody knows what I have to do ?

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