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A REPLY Re: Altimeter   READ PREVIOUS...
21 Nov 2006 19:11 GMT - name: Arno
Hey Colin, isn't the airport located at 2500ft? ;) Did you set the right pressure on the altimeter (press B-key)?
FIRST POST Altimeter
16 Nov 2006 23:19 GMT - name: Colin
Hi does any body have this problem when in flying lessons and starting from a runway the altimeter reads 2500ft
15 Nov 2006 20:55 GMT - name: karesz22
hi all!
I would like to download or buy a co-pilot voice or a stuardes voice like in this video: video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-1710505978436410375&q=project+opensky
i tried the fs passangers but if there's a better please reply
Thanks: Charlie
02 Nov 2006 11:48 GMT - name: Tobias Voelkner
New website offering everything about HAwaii for FS2004.
A REPLY Re: Rudder Trouble   READ PREVIOUS...
09 Oct 2006 00:00 GMT - name: Arno
That's strange.. maybe you use some kind of button or switch or whatever that commands full left rudder. Otherwise I dont know. Good luck!
A REPLY Re: Rudder Trouble   READ PREVIOUS...
04 Oct 2006 01:20 GMT - name: Steve
Sorry I just now got back to this thread. From the outside view you can see the rudder go full left when the wheels touch.
A REPLY Re: new veiw in panel   READ PREVIOUS...
03 Oct 2006 14:19 GMT - name: Arno
By pressing the "[" or "]" key (or selecting one of the options in the menu under "view" I think) you can create a small extra window. Rightclick on it to change to top down view.
FIRST POST new veiw in panel
02 Oct 2006 18:46 GMT - name: dan
hi im trying to add a perminant view to make it look like a real map (top down view) to my panel so how do i do this and position it correctly were i want it
FIRST POST Multiplayer
04 Sep 2006 21:48 GMT - name: POH
Hey folks. Does anybody know were
i can find some IP-adresses for multiplayer FS 2004?
A REPLY Re: Rudder Trouble   READ PREVIOUS...
04 Sep 2006 21:28 GMT - name: Arno (admin)
Hi Steve, have you checked that the aircraft's left turn upon landing is not due to asymmetric (reverse) throttle or asymmetric airbrake deployment (-failure)? It could be a configuration issue within FS, but that's not my thing. :) Did you actually observe rudder movement, does the aircraft turn left immediately? Is it on every landing? Has it been like this forever? Good luck! Please keep us posted on how it goes and any solutions! yes Arno

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