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FS Multiplayer & Online Flying

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FIRST POST Fly with Transload Today!
10 Sep 2005 07:51 GMT - name: Joe Ellwood
Hi fellow simmers,
Come join a Transload session this weekend. Fly with some famous names including the aircraft developer Mike Stone and the Aussie painter Garry J. Smith. Have a social fly in with us, operating a 200+ fleet and the best resources.
Flight time and information is provided at http://www.pmstone.com/forum/index.php?topic=2621.0
Guests are welcome!

FIRST POST Burningman + MSFS = Fun in the desert!!
07 Aug 2005 14:07 GMT - name: burningman
The Virtual Playa Project is a Burningman festival scenery pack designed for MSFS, allowing users to navigate the art and city of Burningman . It is most fun scenery ever designed for MSFS.. and it’s FREE!!
We will run project live from the desert from 9:00pm to midnight Mon 29th Aug to Sat 3rd Sept , at zone.msn.com to allow anyone to join us for tours. First download and install the scenery from virtualplaya.org/
29 May 2005 22:40 GMT - name: pipekek 15
29 May 2005 22:34 GMT - name: pipekek 15
Where can i find a website for fs 98 msn stopped supportin fs 98? if anyone wants to fly via ip numbers I sometimes go to www.tradeip.com/sites/tradeip/boards/
A REPLY Re: Re: Multiplayer session
10 May 2005 00:29 GMT - name: Arno
Please do not exchange IP addresses here. You can provide an email address or meet at one of the online flying networks.
A REPLY Re: Multiplayer session
09 May 2005 17:54 GMT - name: bill
I'll fly what do we do give Ip adresses
FIRST POST come fly with me now
09 May 2005 14:15 GMT - name: vdn session
I like to try flying on line. Please come fly with me now
FIRST POST Flying Online
07 May 2005 06:14 GMT - name: Andy2
Is it possible to fly co-op online like with a friend being the Co-pilot and both fly the same aircraft???
A REPLY Re: snapshots
04 Apr 2005 04:14 GMT - name: Arno (admin)
Press the Print Screen (or PrntScrn) button on your keyboard, open any graphics editor on your computer (such as PhotoShop, or a simple program like MS Paint), then select 'paste' to paste the snap shot/screenshot you just made. So you can make only 1 shot at a time. To make this more simple and automatic, download the screenshot program from our downloads page. Best regards, Arno
FIRST POST snapshots
03 Apr 2005 18:49 GMT - name: cdenoon
how do u take snap shots?

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