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FS Multiplayer & Online Flying

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FIRST POST AdventureSky
10 May 2007 16:23 GMT - name: gera
Hi everyone....
If you like to fly in an "Adventurous" way, that is....visit starnge places, fly looking for lost Templesin the Himalayas and rescuing scientist from volcanoes in Ecuador which are about to Erupt.....just visit AdventureSky...and fly by yourself in one of the many adventures or come to our server on the wekends and fly with groups of pilots from all over the world!!!
have fun
www.freewebs.com/adventuresky yes
FIRST POST How to play against a friend????
06 May 2007 10:57 GMT - name: Juan
Hi,i want to play with a friend but dont know how to connect with him???Can someone please help???
A REPLY Re: Join us today!   READ PREVIOUS...
23 Jan 2007 00:57 GMT - name: DEN_ATM
I would also like to supply you with my email gary.dever[at]intvas.net if you think you are up to do the job you can email me there.
FIRST POST Join us today!
23 Jan 2007 00:53 GMT - name: DEN_ATM
Check out the Denver ARTCC on INTVAS for more information on open positions for staff at our ARTCC and other ARTCC's on INTVAS.net/us.
A REPLY Re: multiplayer   READ PREVIOUS...
26 Dec 2006 01:01 GMT - name: n1025r
how do i connect to the game
FIRST POST Senior Managers Needed
19 Dec 2006 00:25 GMT - name: Daniel
United Virtual Airways have just got a new domain name www.fly-uva.com and are in the slow process of setting up our VA.
We are currently looking for the following senior managers:
President (of events and operations)
Vice President (of events and operations)
Pilot Services Manager
If you're interested, then please send your qualifications and a motivation letter to hq[at]fly-uva.com.
FIRST POST The coolest thing i've seen online
11 Aug 2006 10:09 GMT - name: Brian Beach
Check this out. I came across them in an AD on VATSIM. They even have live dispatchers!
FIRST POST Software for online game
27 Jan 2006 16:14 GMT - name: Seresalf
Hi All,
2 years ago I played FS 2004 by using a software similar to Allseeingeye where I could join to many servers and having an online game with FS 2004. But unfortunately I don't remember the name of that software. If anyone knows please send me the name of it in email to seresalf[at]gmail.com. Many thanks in advance.
FIRST POST multiplayer
18 Nov 2005 06:22 GMT - name: laustrada
it actually crashes mad
FIRST POST multiplayer
12 Nov 2005 08:12 GMT - name: laustrada
i've a question about fs9(fs2004) multiplayer.
When i start it up i can fly a few minutes and then my whole computer falls out (it restart its self sad confused and that's really bad because and like playing multiplayer....
does anybody knows this problem???
if yes could you plzzzzzzz help me big grin???


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