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Aviation Rules of Thumb

Memory Aids / Mnemonics: Abbreviations

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These acronyms make many things a lot easier to remember:

acronym: used: meaning:
ABCDE engine out emergency Airspeed, Best place to land, Checklist, Declare, Execute
ANDS compass changes Acceleration causes the needle to swing northerly, deceleration southerly
APES night VFR Anticollision lights, Position lights, Electric source, Spare fuses or circuit breakers
ARROW before entering a/c Airworthiness certificate, Registration, Radio license, Operating limitations, Weight & balance
BLITTTS line-up check Boost pump on, Lights, Instruments set, Transponder on, Take-off time noted, Tanks - fuel, Safety - seat, belts, doors secured
CAVU general Ceiling And Visibility Unrestricted
CIGAR before takeoff Cowls, Instruments, Gas, Altimeter, Run up
CRAFTS clearance Clearance, Routing, Altitude, Frequency, Transponder, Special
FAMEP IFR flight (mandatory reports:) Fixes: arriving or leaving, Altitude changes, Missed approach, Equipment: loss or problems, Performance: poor climb/descend, TAS change
FAST in-flight piston restart Fuel, Air, Spark, Terminate
FLAPS night VFR Fuses, Landing light, Anticollision lights, Position lights, Source of electricity
GUMP before landing Gear, Undercarriage, Manifold, Prop
GUMPS before landing Gas, Undercarriage, Mixture, Propeller
GUMPPSS before landing Gas, Undercarriage, Mixture, Prop, Pump, Switches, Seat belts and harnesses
RECIT before flight Radios, Electrics, Controls, Inside, Trim
WUFTDM after takeoff Wind, Undercarriage, Flaps, Time, DG, Mixture

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Aviation Rules of Thumb -- Flightsim Aviation Zone

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