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FIRST POST frame rates
24 Mar 2007 18:03 GMT - name: Brandon im 10 years old
I ust updated my video card to Radeon x1300 and also installed another 512 stick of ram. I have 1gig of ram and a great video card, after flight fx is installed I still have another 8gig left and the game still shutters. Any help?? I tried all the settings nothing no
FIRST POST How to Fly From An Airport to Another
15 Mar 2007 21:52 GMT - name: Sural
I am a newbie and see there are many information that I can't easily understand.
Does anyone know where I can find instructions in very very simple term that will make me fly from a departure point to a destination.
Using GPS draws a straight line.. Landing coordinates are differing etc etc. A little bit complicated..
www.flightsimbooks.com/ offers some but for previous versions.
Thank you
FIRST POST Downloads
11 Mar 2007 16:18 GMT - name: Mike
How do I download planes into FSX. I have downloaded them but i can't find them on the game.Can anybody tell me what im doing wrong?
A REPLY Re: sea plane/float plane: how to take off?   READ PREVIOUS...
26 Feb 2007 21:05 GMT - name: Phenyx ClanClan
Charlotte Amalie seaport in porto rico.....
that is a seaplane airport........
FIRST POST Instructor Station in FSX not found
24 Feb 2007 19:35 GMT - name: MercerAviator
Dear all
Could anyone be kind enough to show me how to open instructor station in FSX
Many Thanks
FIRST POST sea plane/float plane: how to take off?
31 Jan 2007 18:15 GMT - name: Kim
New to FSX--are there specific airports I can choose to take off with the sea plane/float plane? I just sit on teh runway. How do I get started with this aircraft?
A REPLY Re: Instructor flies me into a mountain!   READ PREVIOUS...
23 Jan 2007 20:21 GMT - name: scrambler
The direction is set by the Heading indicator (double orange cursor on the inside edge of the indicator). You can change the target direction by moving the mouse on the setting button (lower right side just outside of the indicator marked HDG), mouse turns into a hand+ or hand-, click to move the orange cursor to a different direction.
As soon as the lesson starts do this to orient the plane towards the water.
FIRST POST how to get the ground vehicle to your plane?
23 Jan 2007 01:37 GMT - name: felix
hey. how do i get the water,gasoline and luggage vehicle to you?? and how to open the luggage door
13 Jan 2007 04:10 GMT - name: Trevor Grenon
I'm trying to enjoy flying around Japan and New Zealand,, utt have a constant battle with the FSX ATC in that the approch vectors given for IFR flights are way off course - I had much better with FS2000! any advice please
FIRST POST FSX and Carenado 182
06 Jan 2007 04:23 GMT - name: Mark Gilbert
I have not been able to make Carenado's Cessna 182 work in FSX--it does not appear in "Select Aircraft." Has anyone sucessfully installed Carenado's 182 in FSX? If so, did you do anything special to make it work, besides downloading the FSX patch? Any trouble shooting ideas are welcome!

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