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FS 2006 Wish List

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FIRST POST For those who do not fly a lot
18 Jan 2006 12:27 GMT - name: Francis
For those of us who dont fly a lot, let me reassure you how 'real' FS2004 is. Bangkok airport is identical to the real one. Hong Kong's VHHH is identical to the one in FS2004. Even minute RPUB is good in FS2K4, CT in the right place even the two roads at each end of RPUB are there in real life! Last week I did RPLL to RPUB twice, at FL100 the scenery around Baguio City. FS2004 is BRILL so let's see where FSX will take us ! yes
18 Jan 2006 12:16 GMT - name: Francis
eeek! My PC would have collapsed long ago with so much weight, Spinner ! I like reliving flights I've been in in real life like EGPH to BIIS on a YS11. Or RPLL to RPUB in a YS-11 or EGLL to VHHH (last week) in a A340-300. NOthing beats VHHH as an airport. VHHH in FS2004 is IDENTICAL to the real VHHH. I was astonished!
18 Jan 2006 11:00 GMT - name: Joe AkA:SPINNER
Hello Francis,
Here's whats installed on my PC.KEWR,KMCO,KLGA,BACOLD,KMIA,KTPA,KBOS,PRINCESS JULIANAV1.2,PUERTO RICO,PERFECT SKYV1.2,NIGHT ROADSV1.0,ULTIMATE NIGHT EFFECTS,PROJECT AI W/300 AIRCRAFTS,MANHATTAN,FLY TO RIO,HONGKONG,CANCUN,FREEFLOW FLORDIA,BERMUDA,NEW ENGLAND.These are just some example of third party addons that are demanding on your PC and with the right gear not a problem.MSFS is working with these vendors for FSX.
FIRST POST FSX - a demanding application
18 Jan 2006 09:22 GMT - name: Francis
"FSX will be a demanding application trust me." -- I already trust your advice, Spinner. The majority of software houses seem to produce games for the masses and therefore for low end PCs, which is what the majority of people have. But MS seem to be going the other way, producing a simulator for long term, for tomorrows PCs ! So stick around, Spinner, many of us will be needing your advice when FSX comes out.
FIRST POST Cont:PC performance
18 Jan 2006 09:00 GMT - name: Joe AkA:SPINNER
As you all know the gaming industry is only moving forward.Files have and will become larger as times progress.FSX is no exception to the rule.Even they're saying that they still need to determine the exact hardware requirements.I've had to move on from other PC's because they just didn't cut it.FSX will be a demanding application trust me.Water effects with a good graphic card are transparent if your not seeing that change now it's worth it
FIRST POST PC Performance
18 Jan 2006 08:37 GMT - name: SPINNER
Here a simple performance test.Install FREEflow scenery Ultimate Flordia,Bermuda,New England. All freeware at Freeflow scenery that's once they complete the config of their site.Run FS9 and see if your PC can handle such a complex scenery with AI at 100%.This will stress your PC performance.You can check directx hit start- run -type in dxdiag and performance dianostic test all platforms.Boston Logan Intl.V2 has moving vechilesit get it.
FIRST POST Thanks for the advice Spinner !
18 Jan 2006 07:01 GMT - name: Francis
Thank you for your very good advice, Spinner. So, as you think I already have a good PC, I will first get the NVidia 6800/7800 card that you recommend and see how it performs with the FSX. PCs are generally coming down in price anyway. That Dell of yours is out if this world ! The photos of it look hummm... 'EXTREME' which, together with the word 'DUAL' sort of scares the pants out of other 'pilots' like me. Thank you again.
A REPLY Re: Hardware for the FS-X -- HELP !   READ PREVIOUS...
18 Jan 2006 06:20 GMT - name: SPINNER
Hello Francis
You have a good machine already.The Dell XPS600 is pricey,but worth the investment.What I would recommend first is you change your graphic card to a 6800/7800 series from Nvidia.You can also visit Dell.com they have good machines the XPS 400 for gaming starting at about $969 for entry level. So visit Dell.com and Nvidia.com to answer and make the right choices for your PC.Windows Vista will also optimize your gaming performance.
FIRST POST Hardware for the FS-X -- HELP !
17 Jan 2006 13:59 GMT - name: Francis
I have a Compaq Evo Pro Series P4 2.4 Ghz, 1GB DDR RAM bought 2 yrs ago with a GForce FX5600 XT 128Mb DDR grafix card. I set FS2004 to MAXIMUM on just about everything grafixwise and max res to 1280x??? and have very few problems with frame rates. Only clouds can give me a little trouble. Otherwise I run a very smooth FS2004. I plan to buy a faster P4 PC for the new FS-X so let's discuss what hardware for the FS-X. I need to know what to buy.
FIRST POST Gaming PC's that work
17 Jan 2006 11:57 GMT - name: Joe AKA:SPINNER
I have a Dell XPS600 with a Pentium Extreme Dual Core w/HT Technology.A Dual 512MB Nvidia GeForce 7800GTX.Fresnel Len from 3DLens.com and CH yoke/pedals.My experience with FS2004 is unbeliveable realism.There is so much detail provided by this PC once you try it you'll understand that the PC used makes a big world of difference.I have third party software installed and I mean alot and it runs exceptional with breathtaking views.

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