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Aviation Ads (Free)

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FIRST POST 717, MD11, 737NG Simulator Rides
19 Mar 2005 16:21 GMT - name: Full Flight Simulator Rides
Fly in one of Alteon?s full motion flight simulators. Hydraulically powered, and with stunning visual effects you will feel every sensation associated with flying a jet. In fact it?s so realistic you could be forgiven for believing you are actually airborne!
For more Information, please go to:
FIRST POST Aircraft Maintenance Tracking Program
02 Mar 2005 23:04 GMT - name: Ronald Polesky
This Program is a powerful software application. These reports assist owners to schedule maintenance time and budgets. Program automatically flags RED all Due and Past Due items. Very easy to use. Many sold at $159.00. For a limited time this Program will sell for only $59.00.
Other like programs sell for over $500.00
contact me at: rpolesky[at]netzero.net
17 Feb 2005 16:52 GMT - name: Arno (admin)
Post your Aviation Advertising here for free !!!
...anything related to aviation: aircraft, jobs, products, services, etc...

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