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FIRST POST Land 4 Sale
02 May 2007 04:51 GMT - name: Diane Grogen
2.5 Acre Lot in Subdivision, Access to Air Strip, Build a Hanger Home or other, Awesome views! If interested please call 505.544.7706 Marathon Realty, LLC.
FIRST POST UVA Vice President needed
08 Jan 2007 12:18 GMT - name: Daniel
The Vice President will handle VA events and operations - they will maintain our standard operations procedure and also do lots of PR, marketing and relations with other VAs. Although the VA is focused on pilots of all experience, we would prefer it if our senior managers had a lot of VA experience - two of our senior managers are real world pilots.
Candidates should e-mail a motivation letter with your credentials to hq[at]fly-uva.com.
A REPLY Re: New Mexico Airpark Home/Hangar for sale   READ PREVIOUS...
02 Sep 2006 11:46 GMT - name: John
It works here. Maybe she isn't reading the forum anymore, so reply at her site.. ;)
A REPLY Re: New Mexico Airpark Home/Hangar for sale   READ PREVIOUS...
01 Sep 2006 19:38 GMT - name: John
Tried to access your web site but could not. Where in NM, near what town? Elevation? About house. Thanks.
FIRST POST New Mexico Airpark Home/Hangar for sale
18 Aug 2006 16:07 GMT - name: Debbi
Southwestern NM home and hangar for sale at Hacienda Sur Luna Airpark. Paved runway. $185,000. Check it out on the website www.pilotdelight.com
FIRST POST Electrical Designer needed (AutoCAD)
30 Jun 2006 21:07 GMT - name: Mitchell Mendez
Butler International is currently searching for qualified candidate's for an Electrical Designer in Oregon.
Please contact
Mitchell Mendez
Sr. Technical Recruiter
Butler International
toll free: (888) 274-8400 x 5118
send resumes via e-mail to
Job Description
Must be AutoCAD 2002 proficient
Aircraft Wiring Diagrams,Cable Harness Drawings,Wire Routing,Installation Drawings
Experience with FAR part 21 & 29 a +
FIRST POST GenAv Launches Flagship Product at WATS Conference April 06!
02 Mar 2006 11:17 GMT - name: GenAv Systems LTD
GenAv Systems LTD launches its airline training scheduling product,Training Resource (Information) Manager (TRiM)at WATS Conference in ORL,Apr 4-6. TRiM creates optimized low cost schedules, maximizing resources and minimizing errors and cost! see www.genavsystems.com
FIRST POST New Aviation Film
23 Nov 2005 19:17 GMT - name: John Fargot
Great new aviation movie:
06 Aug 2005 12:50 GMT - name: Nick
Bizjetjobs.com has Aviation's hottest jobs. Airline, Corporate, Fractional, Charter, Freight, Flight Instructor, and more for Pilots, A&P's, F/A's and management.
*Check out Bizjetjobs.com Corporate Flight Department directory with every Corporate Flt. Dept. in the U.S.
FIRST POST Volunteer Pilot - ILM to ILG
11 Jun 2005 10:17 GMT - name: Deborah
VOLUNTEER PILOT TO FLY PIPER AZTEC FROM ILM TO ILG FOR CHURCH WITH ORPHANAGE IN HAITI Our Aztec is in Wilmington, NC (ILM), and needs to be flown to New Castle, Delaware Airpor (ILG) If you have enough hours and multi engine hours, and especially in an Aztec, please call us. - Deborah 800-223-2360 airplanecommittee[at]yahoo.com


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