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FIRST POST Flight Crew on DVD
07 Aug 2005 08:57 GMT - name: DennidHarvey
For any of you interested in commercial flight attendants, pilots or avation life- a flight attendant made a feature film that's available on DVD now. It's called "The Aviary." You ca read her blog, meet the cast, watch the trailer, buy the DVD at:
A REPLY Re: Air Race Rotterdam (Red Bull)   READ PREVIOUS...
13 Jun 2005 13:21 GMT - name: John
There's now a news article about it on this website, see here: www.flightsimaviation.com/avnews233_Red_Bull_Air_Race_R...
I really want to go there next time!!! cool
FIRST POST Air Race Rotterdam (Red Bull)
12 Jun 2005 16:15 GMT - name: Arno
Has anyone been to the Red Bull Air Race in Rotterdam?? What a fantastic event! cool 700.000 visitors!
What did you think?
Next time will be in Austria, at 25th June (in Zeltweg). See also www.redbullairrace.com - great videos and images, and a game too.
FIRST POST New: Aviation Shop
06 Feb 2005 14:31 GMT - name: Arno (webmaster)
We've opened a new shop with 1000's of Aviation products, at cheap prices!
Visit: www.FlightsimAviation.com/shop/
FIRST POST Time & Date around the world
31 Jan 2005 06:27 GMT - name: Arno (admin)
We created a new page which shows actual time & date in 130 cities around the world, including summertime!
Check it out: www.FlightsimAviation.com/_world_time_zones.html
FIRST POST Federal Aviation Regulations
26 Jan 2005 07:56 GMT - name: Arno (webmaster)
We created a new aviation data section on this website: the FAA Federal Aviation Regulations. It's fully searchable and user-friendly!
GO TO: www.FlightsimAviation.com/data/FARS/
FIRST POST New Idea: The Web Hangar
09 Sep 2004 20:11 GMT - name: Gene S.
Need help setting up a new web site. Please visit the following temporary web page for all the info:


Need programmers and aviation enthusiats. N9088D@kcnet.com
FIRST POST My web site
14 Nov 2003 12:25 GMT - name: Patrick

I have a web site about Swiss: http://www.geocities.com/swissair_man visit it and leave me a message!THXS! yes

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