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A REPLY Re: Cool software to use a laptop as a dual display
26 Nov 2004 14:14 GMT - name: Arno
Yes that's really great! What's the name of the software you're using?
FIRST POST Cool software to use a laptop as a dual display
26 Nov 2004 14:00 GMT - name: Frank
I just found a utility which allows using a laptop as an additional display of my primary FSim PC. Way cool to place a few panels on the extra viewing space.
A REPLY Re: Re: Dell Precision 530 Graphics Driver
22 Nov 2004 02:05 GMT - name: King Arthur
Thanks. I have looked at Device Manager and have question mark icons by Video Controller and Video Controller (VGA Compatible) with Device Type -Other Devices - Manufacturer Unknown when I investigate. Am I looking in the right place?
A REPLY Re: Dell Precision 530 Graphics Driver
21 Nov 2004 19:08 GMT - name: Arno
Hi Arthur, look at your Dell order summary, or else: right-click My Computer (on your desktop), select Properties, then click the Hardware tab. Select the device control manager and you should be able to see it there.
I don't know if this is because of your video card. If so, try downloading the latest card drivers on the manufacturer's website.
Perhaps someone else can tell whether this has to do with the graphics card?
Best regards, Arncool
FIRST POST Dell Precision 530 Graphics Driver
21 Nov 2004 09:40 GMT - name: King Arthur
I have just bought a Dell. Looks impressive has sound system like discoteque but when I try FS2002 it will only run in safe mode. How do I find out what my graphics card is and how do I get the right driver for it? mad
FIRST POST CH Yoke programming
31 Jul 2004 10:58 GMT - name: Steve Schultz
I have a CH yoke and pedals. Where do I set the two right levers so that they do not affect yaw on takeoff? What are they for with jets?
FIRST POST Elite console + software on ebay currently for $97
10 Dec 2003 11:11 GMT - name: sewells
I have a great Elite console I'm selling along with the Elite7 software still in shrinkwrap. Elite now has drivers for fs2002/fs2004
It is on ebay as item 3644054323 at http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=186&item= 3644054323

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