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FIRST POST Ultimate Traffic
12 Mar 2005 15:23 GMT - name: Dusty
I wish that you can put in the add on Ultimate Traffic in it

wink, grin
A REPLY Re: Downloads
28 Nov 2004 10:40 GMT - name: Arno
Avsim and FSfreeware are two other websites with large, accessible download libraries.
See the Links Directory on this website for all big FS download resources!
FIRST POST Downloads
27 Nov 2004 13:44 GMT - name: Robert
Where is the best place to Download planes for FS2004 other than Flightsim.com??
05 Nov 2004 15:46 GMT - name: Boris
I just created my airport in town of Niksic with "Flight simulator scenery creator", and I want to add my airport in list of airports for FS 2004.How I can do that?
A REPLY Re: Re: add on
31 Oct 2004 17:08 GMT - name: andrew behrens
you open your start menu , then you open "search." then you select all files on folders, then you open the scroll where you want to look, open "browse" then select c drive the pragram files then microsoft games, then flight simulator, then you will see your flight simulator files, once you download your zip file, you drag your zip files to your flight simulator files.
exampe,-drag your plane file, like f-16falcon, to your aircraft file.
FIRST POST Inflight Refueling
06 Oct 2004 23:53 GMT - name: kidbunch
Has anyone seen an add-on that allows inflight refueling?
A REPLY Re: add on
20 Sep 2004 15:24 GMT - name: Gene S
After I down load a plane how do I put it in my fs2004 and get it to work
A REPLY Re: Re: add on
09 May 2004 08:56 GMT - name: Arno
There are many good sites, look at: FlightsimAviation.com/dir/Flight_Simulation/Download_Resources
29 Nov 2003 15:02 GMT - name: marc
how can i add on a airplane in fs 2004
A REPLY Re: 737 dreamfleet for 2004 compatibility
03 Nov 2003 01:11 GMT - name: Arno
Hi fred, there is a free patch available to make the Dreamfleet 737-400 work in FS2004. Look in the FS news of last month (use the site menu), there you will find more info and the link to get the free patch.
Regards, Arno

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