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A REPLY Re: Very Basic question about Add-ons   READ PREVIOUS...
11 Jun 2006 00:41 GMT - name: David JENNINGS
any time you add anything to your computer,you use space.usually the more you add the harder your pc has to work.Myself,after every session on my f/sim2004 I will go to the flight sim files and delete the generated flights I have made,also make sure you wipe them out from your recycle bin to this will help free up disk space and make your f/sim work better amazed, seriousI hope that I have helped.
David Jennings
FIRST POST Very Basic question about Add-ons
10 Mar 2006 11:39 GMT - name: Robert
I have FS 2004 V.9.1 happily installed and have just bought 3 new add-ons from Abacus Software specifically for it. Before installing them, can someone tell me if so many add-ons can possibly conflict with each other or overload my program or system? Also what about other add-ons that I might wish to purchase in the future? Thanx for all responses!
FIRST POST Texas holdem tips
14 Feb 2006 03:34 GMT - name: Martin
Hi. You have very nice website! Beautiful design.
FIRST POST "Fighter Pilot" add-on by Abacus Software for FS 2004
30 Jan 2006 19:39 GMT - name: Robert
Am a newbie but have FS 2004 installed. Has anyone used "Fighter Pilot" from Abacus Software? Are there any issues/problems with the Program or "install" that I need to know before installing it? The Abacuspub website has no FAQ's for this title and tech support hasn't replied to my e-mails. There are no FAQ's on the Web about this either. Can I get a head's up or should I just follow directions, install, and not worry about it? Than
FIRST POST Need Administrator for scenery add on
03 Jan 2006 19:19 GMT - name: IronKite
I've been active with Microsoft Flight Simulator for 5-6 years now. Never had any problem with addon scenery till all of a sudden out of the blue I get an error message when I load stating Idon't have permission to load scenery and i need to log on as an administrator. I'm am on as an administrator and I get no where adding scenery. This error message is a flight simulator designed message. Anybody have any answers thanx
A REPLY Re: Inflight Refueling   READ PREVIOUS...
15 Oct 2005 07:37 GMT - name: BOWECHO
Yes but its payware. Its the LAGO F-16.
13 Oct 2005 19:29 GMT - name: Dale
Is there a way to add airports to FS2004?
30 Sep 2005 14:01 GMT - name: HighFlyer
Does anyone know where I can get senery for Wisconsin?
A REPLY Re: Re: add on   READ PREVIOUS...
18 Jun 2005 05:56 GMT - name: Matty G
I've done what you said to do, with adding the new plane to the fk9 files, but it still won't work? what may the problem be?
FIRST POST Boeing 767-200 American+Air Algerie
31 Mar 2005 10:46 GMT - name: Wolfgang
after I download The Boeing 767-200 from American Airlines+Air Algerie on Save-mode to my F-drive how I have to proceed to finish the set-up+play it on my flightsimulator 2004.
Thanks for Information.


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