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FIRST POST suggesting ideas
03 Oct 2005 14:42 GMT - name: trenton
I love fs2004 big grin, I have a lot of downloads all over the web but my dad dosent like it when I downloads too much, so I'm asking if you could add a little more, like some military craft, ex: the legendary f-14 tomcat or the f-15 eagle. Maybe you could also include landable highways and mor realistic roads to the mix. I thought of this before; will fs2006 have 6 cd's because fs2004 has 4??? I hope you come out with this. wink, grin
FIRST POST mouse pointer
20 Sep 2005 03:58 GMT - name: Catcher

I use 2 monitors(Rad9800pro mult. mon supp), and i 'spreadout' the vieuw over both.
Now, as soon as the pointer dissappears from the screen, the graphics on the screens start to distord and flicker.
I tried to make the pointer stay in vieuw, but with no succes.
As soon as i the pointer the 2 screens act normal.
Is this common to anyone or does someone has a solution to this?
thx anyway.
FIRST POST New Aviation Movie
07 Sep 2005 02:58 GMT - name: John Fargot
Haven't seen this but it looks interesting. A flight attendant actually wrote and produced it: www.theaviarymovie.com
Review of the movie: www.anvilandsprocket.com/review.php?rec=177
(edit by webmaster: John, don't post duplicates, UBB code isn't supported)
FIRST POST no more
03 Jul 2005 02:46 GMT - name: max
i don;t want to see those landmarks, soars again.
FIRST POST i need help with my va
22 Jun 2005 22:51 GMT - name: jeffrey hammouri
if some help me with my va i need help to find a good site and get a few members ???email me at tazjaz227787230[at]aol.com
or aim tik68
A REPLY Re: realistic
14 Apr 2005 11:26 GMT - name: Arno
It depends which aircraft you want to simulate and which extra's you need (ATC, failures, scenery)... some people favour MSFS, while others favour X-plane or yet other sims. Add-on software and hardware can contribute A HUGE LOT to realism, let's not forget that too. smile, happy
regards, Arno
FIRST POST realistic
14 Apr 2005 08:20 GMT - name: Peter
which flight simulator for PC is the most realistic?
FIRST POST Good Spec's
24 Mar 2005 04:50 GMT - name: Roger
3.2ghz P4
1024mb RAM
Nvidia 256mb fx5500le
FIRST POST New: FlightSim Shop
06 Feb 2005 14:32 GMT - name: Arno (webmaster)
We've opened a large online shop with 1000's of Flight Sim products, and many other things!
Visit: www.FlightsimAviation.com/shop/
FIRST POST The International Flightsim Convention
06 Jan 2005 11:52 GMT - name: IFC
all set for the 9th and 10th July 2005. On the 29th sept we launched our fleet of aircraft and upto now we have had well over 35,000 downloads. FSclips has just released the video of the fleet to view click on the link below.
www.ifcblackpool.com and go to FS2004 downloads on the navigation bar

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