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FIRST POST checkride help please
11 May 2007 23:21 GMT - name: firefly
This is on FSX Deluxs verson
FIRST POST checkride help please
11 May 2007 23:15 GMT - name: firefly
I'm having trouble entering my 140degree hold on Instument Rating can anybody help me or draw a line map too show me were I'm meesing up at. My E-Mail is Cwildbird101[at]aol.com THANK'S
23 Nov 2006 23:25 GMT - name: Arno
Have you seen the movie Red Eye ;)
22 Nov 2006 16:29 GMT - name: Giuliana
Hello! does anyone knows what a red-eye flight means?
18 Oct 2006 15:55 GMT - name: Arno (admin)
Hey Badburn, you don't need full forward view in real life either ;) I dont know how to modify the panel appearance, I guess thats a technical thing. PS search function is a good suggestion, however this forum isnt very active at the moment
18 Oct 2006 14:00 GMT - name: Badburn
This is my first post, and I do not see a search function. So please pardon me if the subject has been hashed out many times.
I have trouble seeing the compass on the J-3 Piper. I also find the C-172 instrument panel with the view that allows me to see the heading indicator, air speed, etc. blocks a significant amount of the forward vision. This has resulted in many botched landing attempts.
Any help or suggestions?
FIRST POST Static Aircraft
15 Mar 2006 10:33 GMT - name: George
Is it possile to make STATIC any aircraft
and if so , how ne does that
FIRST POST beginner...
04 Feb 2006 11:59 GMT - name: Zach
I am a fs enthusiast, but just started out on FS2002... but unfortuantely my sound card is shot, and there is no chance of me getting a new one in the near future, so I am unable to "learn" how to fly w/ the videos, because I can't hear it... is there a place where I can just get a complete-written copy of the lessons??
30 Dec 2005 13:20 GMT - name: galston
Does anyone know how to get around the programming errors in the IFR Checkride. They are driving me nuts. Any help on this matter appreciated.
A REPLY Re: no more   READ PREVIOUS...
29 Nov 2005 20:49 GMT - name: Kevin Chamberlain Age 12
I agree with the Landmark and World Travel stuff. We need Southwest, UPS, Quantas ect. I get all my airplanes from simviation.com. They have all the airplanes that are fun to fly IFR and perform ILS approaches in.


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