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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: How have you built this website ?
A: We have built this site using Macromedia Dreamweaver (for page design/ HTML editing, one of the best webdesign programs to my opinion), for uploading all website files to the Internet we also use Dreamweaver, and for designing graphics we use Adobe Photoshop. Technologies used include: CSS, Javascript, PHP, mySQL (databases).
The new website version built March 2003 uses PHP (internet programming language) and a mySQL database. This allows for more options, better and easier content management and faster updates, search options and all kinds of advanced (easy-to-manage) features like the Links Directory and News sections. We use templates in which we include all content pages (like this one). If you like to know more about all this great stuff, visit the official websites: PHP / MySQL. Also visit our Links Directory, which also has a webdesign/ web development category (under 'Miscellaneous') with a number of useful links.
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