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Q: What kind of computer do I need to run Flight Simulator X?
A: Minimum requirements from Microsoft are: Windows XP SP2 or Windows Vista, processor speed 1.0 GHz, working memory 256 MB (or 512 MB with Vista), hard drive space free 14 GB, DVD-ROM drive, video card memory 32 MB, and of course a mouse, sound speakers and for online playing a 56.6K modem. CLEARLY, to enjoy Flight Sim X a lot more, you will need a lot more... maybe you should double the above figures (processor, all the memory and space) or even double it AGAIN if you want great performance (high visual display settings and high FPS = frames per second)! Make sure you also keep your computer clean: if you install too many programs, your computer gets slower. You should perform a system defragmentation once in a while and if you know how to, do a clean installation of your operating system every year or so (use partitions!). If your computer has good processor speed and is good overall, except for memory, you could consider adding some extra memory or a new video card (if needed), which can both be installed quite easily.
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6. What kind of computer do I need to run Flight Simulator X?
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