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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: How do I get the most out of Flight Simulator ?
A: Here are some tips to improve FS performance ...
A big frame "eater" is the AI traffic, you can win alot of fps with that. A second thing is the anti-aliasing, you can uncheck that because you won't see a difference with that turned on or off. and the same thing with multi-texturing. if you uncheck both you can win 50% in frames.
- Shut down all other (unnecessary) applications
- Get a good 3D graphics accelerator card
- Install more RAM memory
- Get a faster processor
- Lower the screen resolution
- Use full screen mode (see tips below this list!)
- Change weather settings
- Experiment with display, sound, ATC, and other settings

If you don't have a set of rudder pedals, turn auto co-ordination on.
To get a more realistic performance, set realism to it's highest setting and use IAS instead of TAS (true airspeed), gyro drift (cruise level winds), no unlimited fuel, etc.
If the simulator is running slow, turn off dynamic scenery & set scenery density to low
If the simulator still runs slow, press Alt-Enter to enable Full Screen mode. If you wish to access the menu bar whilst in Full screen mode, press Alt.
If you wish to fly in the cockpit, but without the instrument panel, press W
If you want to see the aircraft from different views without going to the menu bar, press S (or SHIFT+S to switch views in the opposite direction)
If you can't see the runway on final approach : Press Shift + Enter key at same time. Shift + Backspace to change the viewpoint in the opposite direction. Watch your changed position when landing; you might be higher/ lower than it seems.
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