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Aviation Theory


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The intersection is not actually a physical navaid, such as a VOR, NDB, etc. The AIM does not have a whole lot to say about what an intersection is, and no, we are not talking about the two streets that cross down by the convenience store.

The Pilot/Controller Glossary does have two definitions for intersection:

  1. A point defined by any combination of courses, radials, or bearings of two or more navigational aids
  2. Used to describe the point where two runways, a runway and a taxiway, or two taxiways cross or meet

The second definition will be discussed later in ground procedures. For now, our interest is in the airborne intersections. As stated, any combinations of navaids may form an intersection. It might be the 90 radial from one VOR and the 120 bearing from on NDB. It could be a localizer and a VOR. The combinations are varied. Intersections are given five letter names.

Intersections are a key part of instrument flying. They are used in clearances, approach fixes, reporting points, etc.

If you want an interesting experience, get a low level enroute chart and look for some of the interesting names of intersections. They are generally named by people familiar with the area, so some of the names are quite creative.
For example, the Portsmouth, NH GPS 16 approach. ITAWT is one of the IAFs as is ITAWA, PUDYE is the FAF and TTATT is the MAP. IDEED is indeed the missed holding fix. In case you missed that its: ITAWT ITAWA PUDYE TTATT, IDEED. They also share HAMMM, BURGR and FRYYS with Vermont.

Previous Chapter Global Positioning System (GPS) -- Table of Contents -- Navigational Charts Next Chapter

Aviation Theory -- Flightsim Aviation Zone

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