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FS2004 Latest News


.:: Latest News ::.

FS 2004 downloads
4 Mar 2004

The last few months have been very busy, so that we did not have enough time to find many new downloads. We will soon try to find some more great downloads and add them in the FS2004 Downloads section
Suggestions are always welcome!! :-)

First FS2004 Downloads !
30 Aug 2003

Finally, the first (7) downloads can be found on our site, in the FS2004 Downloads Library!
Over time many more quality freeware files will follow, so check back often!!
Suggestions of course always welcome...

Enjoy & Have fun!

p.s. if you still don't have FS or need any other products, visit our shop page!

FS2004 add-ons coming
9 Aug 2003

Now that FS2004 has arrived in shops all over the world and caused so many smiles and happy people, we are waiting for the add-on developers and designers to create updates of their FS2002 products, or make new add-ons specially for FS2004.
We can't wait to fill our downloads section with many great downloads.
If you spot any nice (freeware!) add-ons, please let us know by sending us a message.
Share your experiences with new add-ons and anything else related to FS2004 on the easy and busy message board on this site. Note!: For technical/compatibility topics post in the appropriate category on the main site -> the message boards

Please let uw know which files you like most by voting on our new poll topic on the homepage! (archived polls page)

p.s. if you still don't have FS or need any other products, look at the shop page!

FS2004 is here !!
31 Jul 2003

Finally, FS2004 has arrived in shops all over the US (on tuesday 29th) and many other places. It should not take long for FS2004 to reach all shops around the world!
So far, we have heard nothing but positive comments and it indeed seems the big improvement over FS2002 as many people had hoped.
Only problem that we heard so far is display problems, because of incompatible drivers. If you have problems with your display or graphics, first check if you have installed DirectX 9 (included on the FS2004 CDs), then update your PC with the latest drivers for your graphics card.
Share your experiences with the new flightsim and read others' on the message board

If you haven't ordered yet, go to our shop page to do so or read more on the info page

FS 2004 release dates around the world
23 Jul 2003

We mentioned the release date of FS2004 in a previous news item, but got questions whether this date was the same for all countries.
Answer: NO. The release date Microsoft stated is for the US. Initial distribution will be around the USA, then FS2004 copies will be shipped to Europe and Oceania and then the rest of the world.
As you will understand worldwide distribution of a product takes a while, certainly when it concerns such a very popular product.
Approximate release dates for other countries:
Europe (including UK) : 8th August
Rest of world : from 8th August - end of August
Areas where small numbers of copies will be sold, will have to wait the longest time.
Ordering from overseas is possible, however sending costs may be high, but if you really like to have it asap, that's probably the fastest way...

FS2004 is anyway surely going to be sold out quickly in many places, so be sure to pre-order so you don't have to wait extra weeks while everyone has it already! ;-)

Welcome !
12 Jul 2003
Welcome to this new website on FlightsimAviation.com!
As I already said in the FS 2004 Message Board, I hope you enjoy it. Please let me know in case you're missing anything or if you have any comments or questions. FS2004 Questions can be posted on the Message Board, but we are also setting up a forum, so stay tuned.
In fact, we are still constructing this site, i.e. the contents, and don't have much online as yet, but we thought it'd be best to offer things whenever we finish them without delay.
On this page we will from now on bring you all the latest news on Flight Simulator 2004 !


.:: Previous News ::.

FS 2004 Release Date !
9 May 2003
Microsoft finally stated the release date of FS2004 : A Century of Flight.
This is going to be July 29th 2003!
Finally the release date has been issued, but still one month to go and many sleepless nights for many FS fans around the world...
We all can't wait to get a copy of this fantastic new Flight Simulator !!!


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