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FS2004 - A Century of Flight

FS2004 : A Century of Flight : celebrating 100 years of powered flight !
Finally, again after a long period of anxious waiting, FS2004 has come out !
The 12th Flight Simulator in the 20 years of its development by Microsoft...

Hot topic
Like each previous new version, FS2004 has been a real hype and hot topic long before its release was even mentioned. The many indicated improvements and new features and the many screenshots of the FS2004 beta version (see reviews list) are fantastic again and it's been hard to wait.

Improvements & features
Improvements include the FS weather system, which has undergone a serious redesign. The clouds are the most significant thing - those are now 3-dimensional and form and dissipate realistically. Also the weather themes addition is very nice: this allows you to create specific weather situations, different for each location. You can let FS2004 download live weather automatically (once or every 15 minutes) and a weather panel allows to view the weather situation on a nice colored meteo map with pressure areas. The precipitation has undergone a good update as well.
The Garmin GPS has replaced the old FS GPS - this looks a lot better and it has many more functions than the simple GPS we had in FS2002 and FS2000. For example, it includes a full-color terrain map and searchable nav./airport data. It works realistically with many buttons and turning knobs and even displays airspace warning messages.
Finally, FS2004 has many new aircraft, historical aircraft that is. As we are "celebrating 100 years of powered flight" here, MS have included many historical airplanes, to be precise: eight. In the modern aircraft hangar we find one new helicopter (the Bell 206 is still there), which is the Robinson R22.

FS2004 Computer Requirements
First of all, FS is now put on 4 CD-roms (compared to 3 for FS2002), all of which are needed for installation. It's packed in a nice silver-metal box, although this would be a limited edition and regular DVD cases would follow next. There will be no different editions (like a 'professional edition'), but just one.
The requirements as MS state on their website are as follows:
- Windows PC
- 2000/XP – 128 MB Ram
- 98/Me – 64 MB Ram
- Processor: 450 MHz minimum
- Available hard drive space: 1.8 GB
- DirectX 9 or later (included on CD)
- Video card: 8 MB/3D with DirectX 7.0 or later drivers
- Other: mouse, joystick/yoke, sound card, speakers/headphones
- Online/multiplayer: 56.6 kbps modem or LAN

However our (minimum) recommendation to run FS2004 well is this... :-)
- Windows XP or 2000
- 512 MB RAM
- Processor: P4 1.5 GHz (or higher!)
- Available HD space: 10 GB +
- DirectX 9 or later (included on CD)
- 3D graphics card: 64 MB, preferably 128 MB
- Flightsim yoke or joystick
- Broadband connection (only for online flying)

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