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Click here to read previous post. Re: vecters
15 May 05:15 GMT GMT -- by: Arno
Vectors are instructions from ATC to pilots to fly with a certain direction, altitude and speed. Often used for approaches to airports which do not have STARs (standard instrument arrival procedures)
FIRST POST vecters
15 May 04:23 GMT GMT -- by: saleem7861
what do wecters mean?
Click here to read previous post. Re: Adds on....
13 May 18:14 GMT GMT -- by: Ron
The link to www.surclaro.com that HighFlyer gave me had info on installing add-ons, if not mistaken.
Good luck.
Ron cool
FIRST POST Adds on....
12 May 03:18 GMT GMT -- by: Spanish fan!
Hi everyone...
Does anyone of you where and how to install the sceneries ang planes adds on you can download from the internet?. Thanks
Click here to read previous post. Re: Simulator pausing at random
10 May 15:55 GMT GMT -- by: Arno
Maybe some software shortly interrupts the game in the background, and FS is configured to pause when FS window loses focus (see menu>settings)
FIRST POST Simulator pausing at random
10 May 11:17 GMT GMT -- by: HmPower
Has anyone had problems with their FS2004 pausing itself at random intervals? I haven't changed any settings lately, but the last few times I've used it, every 4-6 minutes it will minimize itself on the screen and pause the game. It gets pretty annoying when it happens on final approach.
Any tips?
Click here to read previous post. Re: ChicagoDetail
06 May 18:52 GMT GMT -- by: Ron
Thanks, High Flyer.I'll try that link, and hopefully it may link me to another site that has the Ch'go. River bridges, streets, etc. Still miss some stuff from the old fs98 I have.
Ron--wink, grin
Click here to read previous post. Re: Engine start
06 May 15:42 GMT GMT -- by: Arno
Setting? Just perform the startup checklist... fuel pumps on, start switches, all that.smile, happy
FIRST POST Engine start
06 May 09:49 GMT GMT -- by: Blowpipe
How to start the engine(s) manually in fs2004? Is there any setting for this?
Click here to read previous post. Re: ChicagoDetail
06 May 02:15 GMT GMT -- by: High Flyer
Hey Ron, if you want free midway scenery go to www.surclaro.com and search under Chicago in the 2004 Scenery category.
High Flyer
FIRST POST slow atc and take off speed
05 May 07:26 GMT GMT -- by: yachtsman
I have to press r and + to 2x to get nomal speed from atc and ground why? further to my question all other games run fine
04 May 10:02 GMT GMT -- by: Alberto
Sorry for insisting, but does anyone knows about a problem with the scenery in some WONDERFUL MADEIRA (AEROSOFT) versions?. It's terrible, because the runway and the surrounding area are partly covered by the default scenery, the whole mixture is a really annoying mess, and I suppose there must be a solution, but I still haven't found it. Cheers!
FIRST POST ChicagoDetail
29 Apr 13:09 GMT GMT -- by: Ron
Does anyone know who sells/has Chicago scenery upgrades with river bridges, highways, streets, etc?
smile, happy
Click here to read previous post. Re: Program to insert pictures
28 Apr 04:47 GMT GMT -- by: High Flyer
I was asking about for scenery.
Click here to read previous post. Re: Program to insert pictures
28 Apr 02:35 GMT GMT -- by: Arno (admin)
What do you mean by inserting pictures? The splash screens which you see when starting up FS? As for the scenery, search the major download sites, see www.flightsimaviation.com/dir/Flight_Simulation/Download_Resources



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