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  Sunday 23 September 2018 17:09 GMT  

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FS 2002 screenshots - Trip to Hawaii

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Air Malta 737 on a foreign holiday trip, approach into Honolulu on the beautiful islands of Hawaii - first Air Malta flight in this region of the world! Short finals now, what a beautiful sea!.. in just a short time we would be down there relaxing on the beach with a cold drink!
Flaring for a very soft landing on solid ground after having been up high in the air for so many hours Seconds before touchdown, this was quite a long flare, but we landed exactly on the center line after all
Smoking! We have arrived and are ready to have some fun after this exhausting flight... normally of course we fly only short hauls within Europe High speed vacation of the runway. It was rather quiet at the airport at this time of day, surprising... we guessed no planes would depart cause nobody wanted to leave this exotic place
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