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Aviation Glossaries

'Aviation Language' explained and defined...

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Hinged portions of the trailing edges of a wing which can change the wing's lifting properties

airspeed indicator
An onboard instrument which registers velocity through the air, in miles per hour or in knots

An onboard instrument which senses air pressure in order to gauge altitude

attitude indicator; artificial horizon
A vacuum powered instrument which displays pitch and roll movement about the lateral and longitudinal axes

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control surfaces
The moving, pilot-controllable parts of the air-frame, including flaps, ailerons, rudders and elevators

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Hinged portion of the horizontal stabilizer, which adds or subtracts lift from the tail, changing the pitch attitude of the aircraft

Hinged portions of the wing that act together to increase the lift characteristics of the wing. Most often used to allow slower landings, and shorter takeoffs. Not present in most aerobatic aircraft.

The central part of an aircraft, which besides being a common attachment point for other major components also contains the cockpit/cabin, avionics, and any cargo space

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Landing gear, the undercarriage and wheels of an aircraft
horizontal stabilizer
The horizontal section of the tail, which provides downward lift to balance the weight of the nose

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A hinged, movable section of the vertical stabilizer used to control the aircraft's yaw. Also used as a verb, meaning to angle the rudder in a particular direction

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A control in the cockpit which controls the elevators (forward/back axis) and the ailerons (left/right axis)

An onboard instrument which gauges engine speed, in RPMs

The control in the cockpit which controls engine output

A receiver/transmitter which will generate a reply signal upon proper interrogation; the interrogation and reply being on different frequencies

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vertical stabilizer
The vertical section of the tail, which helps keep the airplane aligned with its direction of motion

VSI (Vertical Speed Indicator)
An onboard instrument which gauges rate of climb or descent, in feet per minute

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categories: Aircraft Parts - Abbreviations - Terms - Definitions - Meteorology - Pronunciation


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