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FIRST POST Program to insert pictures
27 Apr 17:48 GMT GMT -- by: High Flyer
Hey does anyone know of a program that you can download to add pictures to FS2004. That would be really cool.
FIRST POST Wisconsin Scenery
27 Apr 17:45 GMT GMT -- by: High Flyer
Hey i live in Wisconsin (central) does anyone know of a good place to get free Wisconsin scenery???
High Flyer
26 Apr 10:20 GMT GMT -- by: Alberto
Sorry for insisting, but does anyone knows about a problem with the scenery in some WONDERFUL MADEIRA (AEROSOFT) versions?. It's terrible, because the runways and the surrounding area is partly covered by the default scenery, the whole mixture is a really annoying mess, and I suppose there must be a solution, but I still haven't found it. Cheers!
18 Apr 09:34 GMT GMT -- by: Vern
Does anyone have a patch to make Bill Grabowski's ERJ 135/145 Gauges work with FS2004?confused
Click here to read previous post. Re: Crash in Spot Plane view
17 Apr 09:08 GMT GMT -- by: Arno (admin)
In fullscreen mode? If so, try in windowed mode. Some cards have issues with fullscreen & 3D and stuff. Does is happen suddenly or when moving the view around too fast? You could try ugrading the card's drivers if there are any newer.
FIRST POST Crash in Spot Plane view
13 Apr 20:32 GMT GMT -- by: Fern
Just bought a new machine, Athlon 64 FX 55. Hi frame reate anywhere!!! BUT...
...it crashes in spot plane view mode sometimes.
I have a Radeon X600 video card...
Anyone had the same problem?
FIRST POST Scenery Correction
10 Apr 16:39 GMT GMT -- by: Ron
In the Learning center, scenery basics, says oil platform off Houston is 20 NM SE of 72TA--After gettinglost in the Gulf, It's ENE of Houston 72TA.
Almost same lattidude.
For what it's worth.
09 Apr 20:39 GMT GMT -- by: Ron
In the Learning center, there are references made to water fueling docks for the Cessna Floatplane--Where are they?
FIRST POST Wonderful Madeira
08 Apr 17:13 GMT GMT -- by: Alberto
I recently bought aerosoft's WONDERFUL MADEIRA and I'm experiencing a problem with the scenery. The airport enviroment is just not there. The runway's depiction is cut and dissapear just before the runway's end, and the roads are not there, and every ground texture around the airport is just a blurry mess. Any suggestion?. Cheers!!
Click here to read previous post. Re: Manual
08 Apr 16:57 GMT GMT -- by: Ron
I'll do likewise if I find one. ForFS98,here was a good one listing airports,VOR's,NDB's by country, city.
I'm having problems getting the Cessna Amphib. moving in water once I stop. Don't know if due to prop setings,or what.Have to restart flight.Know if any refueling loc's on any bodies of water?InFS98,had to stop in square by gaspumps-don't know what the fueling parameters are in FS9-Do you?
Ronwink, grin
Click here to read previous post. Re: Manual
08 Apr 02:09 GMT GMT -- by: Peter Curtis
Hi Ron
thank you for your response. If I find anything I will let you know
Click here to read previous post. Re: Installation?
07 Apr 15:44 GMT GMT -- by: Ron
Arno, Thanks for reply.
No, It didn't crash. I didn't understand why it was "finishing installation" after I've been using it for 3 months. So far, it only happened once. What do you mean "it regenerates the index??"
Ronamazed, serious
Click here to read previous post. Re: Manual
07 Apr 15:20 GMT GMT -- by: Ron
I had FS98, and upgraded to FS9(FS2004);I bought a book"MS2004FlightSim2004-Century of Flight-official strategies&secrets",Nothing.Mainly covers aircraft specs,refers to game learning schools. I also am looking for a good one w/airport listings,etc.
07 Apr 13:18 GMT GMT -- by: Peter Curtis
Hi all
Firstly thank you for a great site.
I am a very bad novice at this flight sim so was querying wether there is a manual available for flightsim 2004
Thanks for any replies
Petercrying crying crying
07 Apr 06:59 GMT GMT -- by: Alberto
Aerosoft products are undoubtely great. The sceneries (US Airports, Manhattan, Spanish Airports...) are amazing, but they turn out to be real frame rate killers!. I never get below 20 fps in complex areas, such as Heathrow, KLAX, KSFO or KJFK, but with Aersosoft sceneries it really falls to 12-13 fps!. Do you know how to tweak this?. Cheers!smile, happy

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