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FS2004 Reviews

There are quite a few websites which have done FS2004 beta (p)reviews.
We selected a list of the best FS2004 reviews and previews for you below.

Reviewer Date Our comments
Avsim 12 FEB General preview
Flightsim.com 24 JUN General preview
Flightsim.com 30 JUN FS2004 Weather Review
Flightsim.com 04 JUN FS2004 Historic Planes (1)
Flightsim.com 07 JUL FS2004 Historic Planes (2)
Flightsim.com 11 JUL FS2004 ATC & Navigation
Flightsim.com 18 JUL FS2004 Conclusions
FS Nordic 02 JUL Good overview of features and improvements
FS Gateway 06 JUN Photo review - MANY nice screenshots
..part 2
27 MAY
09 JUN
General preview (also about lessons and media) (2nd part..)




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