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FS2004 Features
FS2004 Historical Aircraft FS2004 Modern Aircraft
- 1903 Wright Flyer
- Curtiss JN-4 Jenny
- DH 88 Comet
- Douglas DC-3
- Ford Trimotor
- Piper Cub
- Ryan NYP “Spirit of St. Louis”
- Vega (two versions)
- Vickers Vimy
- Beechcraft BE58 Baron
- Beechcraft King Air 350
- Bell JetRanger III helicopter
- Boeing 737-400
- Boeing 747-400
- Boeing 777-300
- Cessna 172SP & 182S
- Cessna Caravan (amphibious floats & wheels)
- Extra 300S
- Learjet 45
- Mooney Bravo
- Robinson R22 helicopter
- Schweizer 2-32 sailplane
FS2004 Main Features FS2004 NEW Features
- World wide scenery, 3D terrain & auto-generated objects
- Jeppesen accurate navigational data
- 24,000 different airports
- Flight analysis & playback
- Instructor Station - two PCs linked up: one is instructor and controls environment, failures, etc
- Multiplayer capability
- dynamic weather system with 3D (moving) clouds
- weather themes
- enhanced ATC function
- Interactive 3D cockpits
- taxiway & runway signs
- Garmin GPS (color map, apt/fac. data)
- full-color map view with terrain display
- support for 3D views on multiple screens
- learning center - extensive manual and handbooks on disc
- new and improved lessons
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Historical Aircraft
The thing that we probably noticed first was the many added historical aircraft. This is of course the theme of this new flight simulator version, wearing the additional title "A Century of Flight". MS have really done their best working on these aircraft and trying to give them realistic dynamics and visuals.
The next big thing is the weather - especially the clouds which are 3D and forming and dissipating - and they have published many screenshots about this , a very important improvement.
ATC function
There is no real HUGE change or totally new features, but MS have worked on the improvement of many different things. For example the ATC feature ,which now has many more features than before and is a lot more realistic than the FS2002 version.
Flight school
Fortunately for many people the flying lessons are back, providing a great opportunity to work on your flying skills and learn a lot more about aviation as well in the learning center. This is a special kind of website on one of the FS2004 CDs (4 in total this time!), which provides a lot of material: ground school topics for the lessons, many different aviation subjects, aircraft handbooks, the history of FS and aviation from its beginning in 1903, regular FS manuals and more.
Airport Signs
Also a very useful addition, is the taxiways and runway signs. Airports just aren't complete without those signs. Now you can just look out of your window (in the 3D cockpit!) and follow the airport signs when taxiing, instead of that weird purple path ("follow the path drawn on the taxiway", this is still available though). For online flights (IVAO/VATSIM - see links) this may also come in quite useful.
The number of airports btw used to be 22,000 in FS2002, so there are 2,000 new airports added to the worldwide airports database: 24,000 in FS2004.
To make airports more complete MS also added more auto-generated objects, in 3D, and more AI traffic. Too bad there are no moving people and busses and so, but that is just so much work, that had better be spent on working on features like the weather, GPS or 3D cockpits. If you like such things, there are some add-ons available for that. But remember, FS has had really huge progress in the last few years, so the future sure looks good for flight sim fans! We cannot wait until FS2006 comes out! ;-))

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